We utilise modern methods to provide turnkey packages that are specificallty tailored to your needs. our algorithims are self monitoring and flexible to meet evolution and growth patterns generated within your business.
We also protect sensitive information and in the event of cyber attack we will guarantee that our systems identify and nullify all threats so your business will never be compromised.

The principles of accounting that we conform to are the sames as agreed by the:

Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)

which is a basic accounting principle (or “GAAP”)

(i) basic accounting principles and guidelines,

(ii) detailed rules and standards issued by FASB

(iii) Generally accepted industry practices.

When a business shares its financial information with the public, it is necessary to follow ‘generally accepted accounting principles’ in generating these statements. The business and it’s auditors must certify that the financial information is in compliance with GAAP.

GAAP is useful as it will standardize the method of accounting.