Resource Accounting

We can provide complete solutions for all your accounting needs. We offer a full accounts service working in partnership with you and your employees whatever is required to meet the requirements of your business.

We also provide a unique, specially designed software package that can be fine tuned to meet the exact requirements of all accounts and finance administration activities for your business.

We can adapt our systems to exactly match your specific requirements for whatever sector you prefer including financial services, manufacturing, Local government or Industrial. We utilise our own in-house resources and take pride in our business, providing our clients with a first class, efficient and professional service.

Our Business

We work in partnership with all our clients utilising a modern ‘open – book’ type contract instead of the old fashioned supplier and client contracts that often lead to contractual issues that can waste considerable amounts of both time and money.

With our partnership contract each party can easily see that profits are within a previously agreed and acceptable level. This honest, open book  approach and total transparency has won praise from all of our existing clients.

Any changes to projects or schemes can be quickly evaluated and descisions made promptly based on the previously agreed criteria as both parties work towards the same goal, timescales and budget.

Managing Change

We recognise that the introduction of new systems can sometimes be viewed, within the business, in both a negative and destructive manner, but our experience has shown us that by working in partnership with clients and their employees we can effectively manage the changes together. changing the fears and obstructions into positives so that we can all look forward to a happy and mutually agreeable relationship.

Finance Resoucing

Financial resources concern the ability of the business to “finance” its chosen strategy. For example, a strategy that requires significant investment in new products, distribution channels, production capacity and working capital will place great strain on the business finances. Such a strategy needs to be very carefully managed from a finance point-of-view. An audit of financial resources would include assessment of the following factors:

Finance funds

Cash availability

-Bank overdrafts or other business loans

-Shareholders’ capital and equity

-Working capital

-All business Creditors (suppliers, government)

Can we raise new funding ?

Strength of the business and position within the chosen market place

Relationship with lenders & investors

Is it a good market in which the business operates ?

We will find the best deal to suit your business, whether you need to borrow or not, choosing the right bank or investor is critically important to the long term future of your business